Book Review: Wolf’s Trap

4 06 2010

Wolf’s Trap, William D. Gagliani [Listed as W.D. Gagliani]

The quote on the cover sums up this book:

“Gagliani has brought bite back to the werewolf novel.”

– James Argendeli, CNN Headline News

Gagliani has done a wonderful job drawing in readers and establishing an excellent beginning to a (hopefully) long series for Nick Lupo. Although the book incorporates some relatively cliche situations and plot devices (such as use of “Lupo” as the last name of the protagonist detective-werewolf), the book also presents the story in an interesting format.

Every character tells a part of the story, or rather their reaction to the same event – which is something that is often done by authors to retell well known stories in a new light [See: Wicked or Grendel]; but for Gagliani to make this a staple of his original story is quite interesting as it further develops the emotions and explanations of actions of each character in the novel. This in turn creates a wealth of interesting and appealing characters.

If I were to critique anything in this novel, it would be around the use of fairly common literary devices multiple times in the same work. Such as the use of deus ex machina – which brings about the perfect series of events to lead to a common goal, such as the foreshadowing through the use of Caroline (which brings to mind a super hero movie loved-ones scenario (I can’t be with you because people will know you’re married to Spiderman and you’ll be a target!), where the people in danger the most are those in love with/closest to the main character.

The addition of obscure music references was greatly appreciated (clearly Gagliani ties music very closely to his work) as well the added romantic aspects to the novel.

For: This is a must read for lovers of science fiction, romance, and werewolves. (For someone who likes all of those together, of course.)

Rating/Worth It: 9/10, Although there are a few rough patches and a deus ex machina/plot spasm – it’s a pretty decent read.



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