Music: Pomplamoose

5 06 2010

Perhaps one of the saving graces of YouTube and the independent internet music establishment is a San Francisco based instrumental duo called Pomplamoose, comprised of ultracute Nataly Dawn and her boyfriend Jack Conte, whom I hate for no other reason except that he’s dating Nataly. Bastard.

You might better know them for their cover rendition of The Cordettes’ Mr. Sandman, used in a recent commercial for the Toyota Avalon.

Sure, they have great original songs, but perhaps their best (and gimmicky) claim to fame is their deconstruction of pop music. Everyone has love-hate relationships with covers, but, very much like Marie Digby’s cover of Rhianna’s Umbrella, Nataly and her tool of a boyfriend proceed to making pop music drivel for the masses more digestible. Perhaps even redeemable. Digby did justice to a well-written song like Umbrella by playing it with the bare essentials, just her vocals and acoustic guitar, without the shite Apple GarageBand beats and cockteasing sexuality Rhianna added to the song. Pomplamoose does the same with both beloved and scorned pop songs.

Perhaps my most favorite cover Nataly and the Other Dude have created so far is a rendition of Lady Gaga’s Telephone. As an embarrassed heterosexual fan of Gaga, I will admit that Telephone was not that great of a song, and she tried to hide the fact that she’s not even a huge fan of the song by burying the song with a video involving prison lesbians, the Pussy Wagon, mass murder at a diner, and a Thelma and Louise ending with Beyonce.

Pomplamoose obviously can’t hide behind flashy Haus of Gaga cinematography, and as a result, we get the Marie Digby effect with the song. However, rather than showing the beauty of missed potential of the original piece, as Marie did with Umbrella, we realize that Stephani Germanotta (or whoever wrote this song) really didn’t put much effort or thought into the song. Watching Nataly sing Telephone gave me the same feeling I felt when I heard Atlantis Morissette sing My Humps (which, if you listen to and watch, becomes the most uncomfortable experience ever). At its core, the song is vapid, but somehow Nataly and her instrumental manfriend make Telephone enjoyable. Rather than getting the general WTF feeling from Gaga videos, the WTF feeling watching Nataly lay it down comes from your conscience questioning you how a rendition of Telephone could actually sound good.

Pomplamoose also has covered Beyonce’s Single Ladies, MJackson’s Beat It, and September by Earth, Wind and Fire. You owe it to yourself to take a listen.

On a side note, you can also play a drinking game with Pomplamoose videos. Every time you find yourself staring at Nataly’s upper lip mole, take a shot.



One response

5 06 2010

September, for one reason or another, has always been one of my favorite songs and the cover doesn’t disappoint. They seem to be a weird brand, a la viral music in the vain of Matt & Kim or Lasse Gjertsen… and I find it really creepy that she’s as stoic as she is when singing something like September, which I can’t listen to without smiling or Beat It, without spazzing to it’s beat.

Also, I’d be drunk by now if we played that game.

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