Games: VVVVVV Quick Review

7 06 2010

Being an avid gamer, I am always willing to try quirky titles when I have the chance. Today I stumbled across VVVVVV, and it definitely fits into that category. The graphics and audio present in the game will remind you of something from the 8-bit era, with simple controls to boot. Don’t take this game lightly, though, or it will be sure to give you a thorough beating. Be warned, this isn’t an easy game and you will die often.

Title Screen

The main goal in VVVVVV is to rescue your scientist buddies that have been scattered across an alternate dimension while being able to do nothing other than moving or flipping gravity. That’s right, no jumping, shooting, crouching, flying, or even collecting power-ups. There’s an occasional monitor that you can access to read fairly useless information, you can talk to your fellow scientists back at your ship once you have rescued them, and there are shiny things to collect to unlock music and time trials. Now, in a lot of games this would make for a very boring gaming experience. However, I have found that the minimalist story contained here lets you focus more on trying not to die. This is easily one of the more difficult games I have played. The game claims I have died around 500 times in slightly over 2 hours, just to give you an idea.

Watch out for those spikes!

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot else to talk about with this game. It’s fairly short (the 2 hour time mentioned above was to completion for me, just not 100%), but it’s a great time-waster. Currently it sells for around $15, and I can’t really say I recommend it for that price. Personally, I would say $5-$10 is the most I would pay for the game, because of the length and low graphical quality.

Safe - For The Moment

(Note: VVVVVV is an indie game developed by Disctractionware for Windows and Mac, more information can be found at

Rating: 7.5/10




4 responses

7 06 2010

The game Shift, by Armor Games, instantly came to mind when I read this. Although the concept is slightly different (and you can jump) the style is fairly similar.

Do you think it’s a game that most people can pick up (or rather, most gamers) or is if something that will become so frustrating that you’ll question chucking your computer out a window?

7 06 2010

It would really depend on you tolerance level. The game isn’t so hard that it’s impossible, but I could see people getting fed up with certain parts of the game.

The controls are overly simple, but the game does require precise movements and careful planning in certain situations.

7 06 2010

Ah. Then, as we’ve discussed before, I won’t be playing this game anytime soon… 😛

8 06 2010

This doesn’t even seem like a game you’d pay money for. I’d expect it to be free and in flash in this day and age.

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