Monster Snacks: Hostess Cupcake… Of Epic Proportions

25 07 2010

For some reason this is the only good picture I have of this...

So, this is the (too) long awaited monster snack.  This four tier monstrosity is a replica of a Hostess Cupcake.  Right down to the cream filling.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera to document the making of or final product so this is the only picture of it that I really like because I’m not showing the other side with the crappy squiggles…

Anyway, since I cannot show you the process this thing went through to become what it is, I will share what I learned from this.

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Music: Phoenix

3 07 2010

This post will feature a few reviews:

United (2000), Phoenix

In 2000, alt-rockers Phoenix *fully* entered the music scene with ‘United’. In comparison to their newer works, this album shows it’s, young, age – it’s genre is quite varied, reaching the indifferent alternative of the 90’s to the dance-jazz-disco feel of the 70’s. While United lacks a general consensus, it’s amorphous nature is what makes it a solid entry. If you’ve seen Lost in Translation or Shallow Hal, you’ve probably heard ‘Too Young’ – the most known (early) song by Phoenix. When I first heard this song, my foot started taping and my head bobbing… well, if I was in public it was probably internally. Too Young features a great hook of a bass-line and mild lyrics to get lost in the atmosphere of the track. Their second most noted song from this album is ‘If I Ever Feel Better’, which touts a similar dance-like feel that Too Young has. I only recently paid attention to the (wealth) of lyrics contained in this song and I was amazed that these guys packed as much… deliberation?… soul?… into the song. Another notable tune is ‘Funky Squaredance (Part 1/2/3) (Medley)’, which is not only an excellent title but an amusing take on funk – they also incorporate some auto-tuned-robotized vocals into it. Yes, it’s awesome.

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