july thirty, twenty eleven

30 07 2011


july twenty-eight, twenty eleven

28 07 2011

july twenty-six, twenty eleven

26 07 2011

4. Dreamt of the end

25 07 2011

Write a poem based upon a recent dream.

i dreamt our world was ending

buildings crashing all around

we could not be together

so we carved out a plan

watch one last sunset

as the planet rolls in it’s grave

imagine being side by side

hand in hand

i ran through city

through forest

i found our clearing

and felt to the ground

the sun collapsing

into the distance

as i struggled to reach

my fingers outlining

a small trinket

seemingly dropped from the heavens

iknew you were with me

you always were

dreamt on 7/25/11

Here’s an abridged version what I wrote down, once I woke up:

“You were on the other side of earth when the world was ending. You set a rocket to rocket to gps me to kill us together. It turns out everything is okay. I can’t stop you but you slow down. And I check on you. You’re okay. I help you out. You tell me “I have something” and give me a small trinket. I can’t make out what it is, my hands shaking. You clasp your hands around mine.”

july twenty-four, twenty eleven

24 07 2011

july twenty-two, twenty eleven

22 07 2011

july sixteen, twenty eleven

16 07 2011