Movie Review: Brick

4 06 2010

Brick (trailer) is a lovely little movie that came out in 2006. It’s lead is played by one of my favorite actors, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, so I might be a bit of a biased party. It also doesn’t help my biased that it’s presented in a film-noir style, which is another of my favorites. But I think that people that enjoy movies with interesting concepts (like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, Science of Sleep, Stranger than Fiction) or even anime (the director, Rian Johnson, sites Cowboy Bebop as an influence on this film) will find things to like.

Anyway, Brick is a crime/detective story set in a modern era with ‘high school aged’ characters but orchestrated in the manner of a 1940’s detective novel/movie (see Dick Tracy). It details the after effects of Brendan’s (Gordon-Levitt) relationship with Emily (played by Emile de Ravin), specifically when she falls further into a drug ring , run by a mysterious (and as it turns out, quite interestingly casted) kingpin – referred to as the ‘pin’.  I won’t go on to detail to much further in plot, aside from saying it’s got some good twists and turns – requiring multiple watches to pick up on some of the subtle nuances. The ending is something that still stands out in my mind, due to it’s interesting camera placements and ‘twists’.

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