Social Listening & Vinyl Media

23 08 2010

These days people who listen to vinyl records (and subsequently, hunt them down) are often placed into two categories of people: “Old people”, who enjoy the nostalgic pops and creaks associated with vinyl media – and the memories associated with them; and “hipsters”, those who listen to appear ironically cool. I guess I’d fall into the second general category as I was born in the late 80’s (after the invention of CD), but I think there’s more to vinyl than looking ‘hip’. Vinyl was one of the later eras of social music. When a record originally came out, people had listening parties. It was a big deal – and an event – to go to a friend’s and listen to a new album. Outside of money limitation, there was a great deal of space needed (you needed enough, level, space to hold a record player). Nowadays, music can be found everywhere – on mp3 players and phones. In fact the last ‘audio format’ to be introduced was slotSD – you may have seen a display here or there (I’ve seen em’ in Best Buy) where you can by a microSD card which is loaded with a whole album.

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Requiem for the iPod Classic

23 06 2010

The iPod can essentially be thanked (or cursed) for accelerating Apple’s renaissance and rise into the technological (evil) empire it has become today. Sure, having Steve Jobs come back, and making your computers fruity colored and aesthetically pleasing helped, but the iPod provided the general public an object relatively cheap enough where everyone in middle America could own one, but expensive enough to make it into a status symbol.

The iPod has evolved from a (then) small MP3 player that could hold 5 gigabytes of music (which, in 2001, was, like, a bajillion CDs!), to a new product line that is arguably now Apple’s (and AT&T in America’s) prize horse: the iPhone. Its fourth generation is due in stores tomorrow, and people who pre-ordered have, for the most part, received them now.

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